Da Chef Noodle

IMG_3030Unlike Vancouver, BC where there is a noodle house on every corner and every street, it is slim pickings in Palm Springs when it comes to good Chinese restaurants.

We found a small place on the east side of Washington near Harris that serves noodles, fried rice and Szechuan dishes. It’s called Da Chef Noodle and it is worth trying out.

We ordered a spicy Singaporean Noodle dish and found it quite authentic. It had the right combination of curry and soya sauce. The vermicelli noodles were fried to perfection and the taste was excellent. We also tried their fried calamari and the Orange Chicken. The latter dish was very good but we care for the batter on the calamari. It was a bit doughy and the squid was a bit chewy.

We think the noodle soups could come down in price but it they may be worth $9 but for the same price, I would rather order the fried noodles or an entree instead. The entrees come with a bowl of steamed rice and they seem to give you more rice if you asked. We were tempted to order the Peking Duck but for the price they were asking, we would expect a three-meal-deal instead of just the pancake wrapped duck skin dish.

We have been there twice for a quick lunch and dinner. They have been open for about 6 months and we look forward to them offering more authentic Chinese dishes.
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Pink Panther Strikes Again

Waiting for Paula Creamer

Waiting for Paula

Each year around April, most of the snowbirds pack up and leave the desert. For us, we delay it as much as possible. As Canadians, we have to rush back to get our taxes in order because the deadline is April 30th. With the Kraft Nabisco LPGA tournament in April, we always try to make our departure date to be after the Kraft so that we can see our favourite LPGA players before they head out to Hawaii for the Lotte Championship on Oahu.

This year, the Kraft Nabisco was renamed to the ANA Inspirational. All of the memorabilia in the pro shop had already changed and there was really nothing left with the old name or logo, but people still referred to the Kraft when talking about it to fans.

One of the best places to stand for an autograph on pro-am days is near Poppy’s Pond where the white picket fences are. Stand there and wait for the group to finish and you will surely get an autograph and maybe some personal time with the player. Here in line is my wife who is waiting for Paula Creamer, the Pink Panther to sign her hat. Be patient and she will sign it for sure. My wife decided to congratulate her for getting married too. Her bag proudly displays her ‘Mrs. Heath’ designation but she still holds on to her maiden name which the world still loves. Go Pink Panther!



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Sprouts for Fruits and Veggies

Nectarines at Sprouts

Nectarines at Sprouts

When it comes to stocking up for fruits and veggies, no other place beats Sprouts. Located at the corner of Adams Street and Highway 111 in La Quinta, Sprouts is the farmer’s market in a store. When we visited the Whole Foods store in Palm Desert last year, we were disappointed in the prices for the fruits and veggies. We knew we had to return to La Quinta to shop at our Sprouts.

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Food for Less

Vietnamese Pork Chop

Vietnamese Pork Chop

On our last visit to PSP, we tried a new restaurant in Indio. It was called the Pho of the Desert and it is located on Hwy 111 in the Food for Less mall. The menu is extensive and they have everything that a Vietnamese PHO restaurant would have, including Vietnamese subs and bubble tea. When asked which bubble teas have fresh fruit, they said every drink uses fresh fruit so we tried mango and it was truly heaven. The bubbles were soft and fresh too.

I had ordered the Pork Chop and it was delicious. It comes with a side of salad and rice. The pork chop is marinated with Vietnamese spices and charbroiled. It is served with a bowl of sauce for dipping or salad dressing. Also they served us a bowl of PHO soup base and it was tasty. Next time, we will have to try a bowl of PHO knowing that the soup is well done.

Prices are reasonable and there is plenty of seating. I highly recommend a visit.

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Buffalo in Palm Desert

Buffalo Wild Wings

Buffalo Wild Wings

I have always wanted to try a Buffalo Wild Wings and so finally, I have. Located just off the Westfield mall in Palm Desert, this is a loud and busy restaurant. If you’re looking for some action when there is a college football game on then this place is buzzing. If you’re sensitive to noise then don’t go here. There is a considerable amount of hollering here and it reminds me a lot of a sports bar or Hooters. Buffalo Wild Wings is both a bar and restaurant. Does it get rowdy? Most definitely.

I was surprised that they let kids in but they restrict them from entering the bar section. The unfortunate part is that the restrooms is next to the bar so how do they restrict kids from walking by, I don’t know?

The food is great there. Next time, I have to remember to bring my ear muffs to hear my own chewing.



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Legacy is no more

Thai Lunch

Thai Lunch

I can’t believe I have to live without a great Thai restaurant in La Quinta because the Legacy Thai restaurant is no more.

I thought I drove past it the other day when I went to Lumpy’s but when I backed up to look, it was truly gone. I loved their lunch specials and the dishes they served there. It was always tasty and the service was good too.

I don’t know why they left us. Anyone reading this and knows, please comment.

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Royal Pain in Indio

Hole # 1, Royal Nine

Hole # 1, Royal Nine

I’m usually a happy camper when it comes to playing golf in Palm Springs and I was ready to make a statement about not disliking any golf course that I’ve met, but I really don’t care to play the course at Indian Palms CC again. My good friend Jack had warned me not to play there because he found it to be too narrow. I usually follow Jack’s recommendations but I found a good deal on GolfNow ($24 for golf and cart) and I had to try it out for myself.

We started on the Royal Nine which gave us a good feel for what Jack called narrow. I survived hole # 1 with a worm burner and got on the green safely after a bad approach shot and a mediocre bump and run. It wasn’t until the second hole that made me think twice. An errant tee shot landed me in someone’s backyard. Luckily no one was home. My ball ended up next to a patio chair and no broken windows – phew! After that incident, I decided to leave the big dog in the bag. Every hole after that became narrower and narrower. Even the par 5 that slowly shapes left was narrow. I couldn’t imagine anyone hitting driver there.

What was the golf course designer thinking? He should have made it a back to back par 3. I’m glad to say that the course opens up after hole # 7. There are fewer homes around the fairways and less chance of hitting into someone’s yard. I finally calmed down and played a few decent holes. Overall it was not an enjoyable round of golf.

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Taste like Paste

Camarones in Rancheros

Camarones in Rancheros

It was late and I didn’t feel like driving to the Date Palm area to eat at one of our favourite Mexican restaurants, La Salsas. Instead we tried a new Mexican restaurant located in the corner of Adams and Highway 111. It was called Mariachi and it served 2-for-1 Margaritas between 2 to 6pm, Monday to Friday. If you’re in for a show, try to drop in on Friday nights because they have a live Mariachi band that tours and drops in during dinner time.

A bowl of chips and salsa arrived at our table. There was nothing homemade about the salsa because it looked and tasted like a can of tomato paste.

We ordered the Ceviche Pescado (fish only) on a Tortilla but was disappointed. It had everything to make for a good ceviche but it didn’t have enough lemon juice. The result was a dry and tasteless dish.

When the entrees arrived, I was starving. My camarones (ie. shrimp) looked good but few in number. Rice and refried beans came along with the dish. The ranchero sauce was thick and spicy. Unlike La Salsas, the sauce did not have green peppers or onions. It was like the Diabla sauce but not as potent.


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Congrats to Lexi Thompson

Kraft Nabisco Trophy

Kraft Nabisco Trophy

It was another really good golf tournament at the Kraft Nabisco in Rancho Mirage. We weren’t in town to watch it but we followed it intently on television. Both Lexi and Michelle played exceptional golf.

From Thursday  on, we watched Lydia Ko, Yani Tseng and Michelle Wie play their best. We even saw Angel Yin a few times when she played like a pro. It was as though we knew her.

Last year, we met Angel’s father while in line when we were all waiting for the bus. When you attend the Kraft Nabisco, you can’t just drive up to the golf course and park unless you are a VIP, media or someone affiliated with the LPGA.

You park your car at south end of the Aqua Caliente parking lot and shuttles take you to the Mission Hills Country Club. Throughout the day, there are shuttles that pick you up from the golf course and take you back to the parking lot.

For a moment there, Angel was right up there on the Leaderboard. Something happened to her game because she ended up last, alone at 73rd position. Better luck next year Angel. We will be watching for you!

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Congrats to Novak

Novak wins

Novak wins

I guess I should congratulate Novak for his back-to-back wins at Indian Wells and Miami. I was disappointed after seeing my favourite player, Roger Federer lose to Novak Djokovic when I was sitting in the hot sun at Indian Wells. It was a great match and Novak really played well.

Novak Djokovic becomes the first player to win both the BNP Paribas Open and the Sony Open. It would have been nice to see Roger win it, like he did a few years ago. It was clear that Roger had improved since last year and there were signs of the old Roger coming back. I felt confident of Roger’s backhand. It was solid and well executed, unlike last year when I held my breath every time he went for his back hand.

It would had been nice to had seen Rafa, Milos and Andy but this year, we missed them because we only attended the Championship weekend. By missing them earlier in the week, we are now re-thinking our future purchase of tickets. Perhaps, we need to attend the week sessions just in case the top seeds don’t make it past the earlier rounds. I know Rafa had lost to Dolgopolov earlier on and so did Maria Sharapova. I also missed out on Ryan Harrison’s match and would have liked watching Ana Ivanovic too.

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