Best Surf & Turf Mexican Restaurant

Rockin Baja - Surf & Turf Bucket

Rockin Baja - Surf & Turf Bucket

One of my favorite restaurants along the Highway 111 corridor in La Quinta is Rockin’ Baja. From my place, I would make a left turn onto Fred Waring (heading west) and another left turn on Washington (heading south). At Highway 111, make another left and watch for it on the left hand side. The restaurant actually sits on the corner of La Quinta Center drive and Highway 111. The address is 78902 Highway 111.

My favorite time of day to cruise into Rockin’ Baja is at high noon. It’s nice and quiet and you have the whole place to yourself, except for a few business meetings and snowbirds. I’m sure after I post this, they’re going to experience a rush of people and it won’t be quiet anymore. Everything on their menu is delicious and they give you plenty of food. Be sure to ask for the lunch menu which is pretty much the same as dinner but the portions are smaller.

The best dish on the lunch menu is their Surf & Turf bucket. You get a metal bucket, lined with wax paper and filled with slipper lobster tails, shrimp, carne asada and a breast of grilled chicken. You also get a dish of mexican rice, refried beans and a choice of corn or flour tortillas. All this for a ridiculous price of $9.95. And did I mention, you can help yourself to all the chips and salsa you can eat. But leave room for your entree. If you’re allergic to shrimp like my wife is, you can ask them to substitute the shrimp with more lobster tails. I remembered the first time we ordered this. With all the chips and salsa, lobster corn chowder soup, we had to ask for takeaway containers for the carne asada and grilled chicken breast. The generous portion of carne asada is worth $9.95 alone.

At dinner, the Surf & Turf bucket is served with Alaskan Snow Crab Clusters instead of slipper lobster tails, but the taste is equally the same which is out of this world.
Every time we are in town, we like going to Rockin’ Baja for lunch and for dinner. Watch out for the margaritas and don’t drink on an empty stomach. The bartender is generous with the tequila. Enjoy!

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