Sam’s Sushi – one of the best sushi bars in the desert

It’s dinner time again and we had sushi on our mind ever since we had to wait at the Cathedral Canyon Golf Course for our turn. One of our first discoveries when we came to Palm Springs is Sam’s Sushi at the River. Situated on the corner of Bob Hope Drive and Hwy 111, the River has a Starbucks, its own Peter Lik gallery, a P.F. Chang restaurant, Cheesecake Factory restaurant, Baja Fresh Mexican fast food and theatres. It’s a pleasant outdoor mall with lots of parking including valet.

Sam's Sushi - Delicious Jala-penas

Sam's Sushi - Delicious Jala-penas

One of my favourite items on Sam Sushi’s menu is the Hello Pena. This fantastic morsel consists of a large jalapeno pepper (or is a Serrano chili pepper?). They clean out the seeds and stuff it with spicy tuna, cream cheese, and crabmeat, dipped into batter and flash fried. The result is a mouthwatering pepper full of spicy tuna, battered like tempura and teriyaki sauce drizzled all over it. I can’t tell you how delicious they are! Try them and you will be hooked.

Sam’s Sushi used to offer an all-you-can-eat menu including jala-pena’s but the restaurant has since discontinued it, probably because of people like us who could eat lots and they were hardly making any money on us. We still think their sushi is one of the best in the desert and they offer great lunch specials.
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The River is conveniently located in Rancho Mirage, right across the street from the Rancho Las Palmas golf course. Be sure to visit Sam’s before your round. The service is fast and the food is hot, especially these jalapeno bombs!

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  1. […] is across the street from the River in Rancho Mirage that have a Starbucks, Cheesecake Factory, Sam’s Sushi, Baja Fresh and a Peter Lik Gallery. Down the block is Brandini’s Toffee Store, Roy’s […]

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