Lets do the Salsa

Mango Smoothie at the Salsas Restaurant

Mango Smoothie at the Salsas Restaurant

Friends from Santa Fe, New Mexico tells me to beat the heat, you have to eat something hot so that your body cools off when the sweat evaporates. It was an easy choice for us to stop in Cathedral City for Mexican at La Salsas Restaurant. To start with, we went with the locals on the drink of the day. A nice slushy mango smoothie hits the spot for me, but there are lots of other fruits to choose from including papaya, guayabana (or guava), pineapple, strawberry, etc. The waiter recognizes us and brings a basket of tortilla chips and a bowl of their homemade salsa. I love their salsa, nice and thick with lots of taste.

The Salsas Restaurant is located on Date Palm and Palm Canyon Drive, next to Big Lots and is in the same shopping plaza as the Roger Dunn Golf Shop. If you’re going west on Highway 111, turn right at Date Palm and make a first right into the parking lot. As you make your right turn, the restaurant will be on your left. You can’t miss it – it’s busy all day long with lots of cars parked in front of it.

Most days we come here, we’re starving and today is no exception. After playing a gruelling round of golf at Desert Dunes in Desert Hot Springs, we get here with a big appetite. We order the Ceviche Tostado which is a nice mixture of fish, lime juice, tomatoes and chilis. They top it off with avocado slices as though the fish isn’t enough. It’s delicious, delicious, delicious.

Ceviche Tostado

Ceviche Tostado

My choice of entree today is the Carmarones (or shrimps) in a creamy chipotle sauce. Usually I like the Pulpos (or octopus) a la diabla but I wanted to something different. My wife usually chooses a fish dish but she too, wanted to try something new. All the fish dishes are very good and after ordering the shrimp, I will continue to go through the Camarones entrees until I’ve exhausted the list. My entree comes with a light salad, rice and refried beans. They also serve warm tortillas on the side, with a choice of corn or flour tortillas. For some reason, I like the corn tortillas. Lunch ended up around $35.00 for two, which was quite reasonable for two people with a big appetite. We highly recommend this place which a lot of the locals seem to, too. Salsas Restaurant on Urbanspoon

.Camarones in creamy chipotle sauce

Camarones in creamy chipotle sauce
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