Sherman’s Deli for Potato Latkes

Potato Pancake Sandwich

Potato Pancake Sandwich

Since our realtor Mark Wasserman had introduced us to Sherman’s Deli, we have been back about three times over 12 months. And each time we go, I somehow end up with potato pancakes, not because I’m Jewish but because I grew up eating potato pancakes that my dad used to make.

With every dish at Sherman’s, you’d better have an appetite because the servings are huge. Take a look at the photo on your left – don’t you agree that this is a hearty meal? It’s bad enough that they fill it with a huge mound of meat in it. Guess they want you to be full.

With the potato pancake sandwich, you get a choice of brisket or pastrami. I usually like to order pastrami because it’s nice and tender and juicy but for breakfast, I decided to go for brisket. I have to admit that the brisket is more dry and I was tempted to ask for a cup of jus to dip my brisket sandwich in, but a few squirts of mustard did the trick.

With sandwiches of this size, it’s impossible to eat it as a closed sandwich. It is so thick that it is hard to hold, let alone take a bite out of it. I ended up taking a fork and knife to it and eating it as an open sandwich. It was delicious anyways. I can’t wait to return to Sherman’s for another eating feast. For those of you who don’t know, there are two Sherman’s locations. There is one in Palm Springs and the other in Palm Desert.
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